Interested in AI Illustration? Get this AI Illustration Instructor!

Use AE to create epic motion-graphic videos to set up popular products.

Find it here at: Illuminate with AE

This risk-free program goes above and beyond to give you a recession-proof investment experience. You can now select your signature keynote design presentation with the illustration. Caricature art with the iconic social media emblems to improve the delivery of your materials is included. Find elements from indication of eureka to flow; from goals set to trends set all here with one unique video maker for your brand. Novices are welcomed and technical pro brands are too. Find template stories to assist you with presenting your infogram, infomercial, and more.

Priceless technology unveiled!

Use Microsoft here to customize your product presentation experience for your audience. There are free bonuses when you shop now for your professional caricature pack, emoji connects, and diversity representation explainer templates.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

5 Star PowerPoint System


-Is it compatible with PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, Mac, and Windows PC?

YES, the Bluefx "Whiteboard Explainer" PowerPoint Template works bout on MAC and PC and all Office 365 versions as well as older PowerPoint versions (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019).

-Does this work with Keynote?*

We have included also a separate version for Keynote. The hand animations don't appear in Keynote other than this, the template functions flawlessly.

In fact, in the Keynote version, we were able to add more animation types (except the hands).

-Do you include step-by-step instructions?

YES, we provide detailed step-by-step tutorial videos.

Find it here at: Illuminate with AE

Create explainer videos with Whiteboard and more templates.

Price $37

No monthly or yearly fees

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In an age of constant labeling, it can be challenging for youths to keep confident in situations requiring the use of a moral compass. When growth and options seem to be diminished by youth in turmoil, reveal to them the potential in them that is also inherent in the universe. Find it here at: Law of Attraction for Kids.

Your child can:

Have a positive outlook

Adapt good communication

Be awe-inspiring

Trigger curiosity

Show brilliance

Demonstrate allure... quicker!

Find it here at: Endorse your child's potential video.

The methodology to enhance progressive verbal talk abilities and personality with a sticktoitiveness mindset can belong to your child. Time for reflection about underlying feelings of fear and inadequacy as well as the observation of controversy and conflict may be subverted; this program is a chance to do exactly that. Find it here at: Law of Attraction for Kids. Stop struggling and being in an “against the grain” mindset. Give your child the future they deserve with the empowerment tools to succeed.

Reversing negative spirals in your child's sense of recognition and empowerment is the beginning of instilling resilience. Find it here at: Law of Attraction for Kids. Teach your children through this strengthening system that they can have a better future and can achieve under any circumstances.

For reassurance that they are headed in the right direction: Inclusion, acceptance, affection, support, and trust!

Drastically Reduce Anxiousness and Anxiety with a Law of Attraction “in” for children.

Join the new age of forming impressions and make this powerful move to inform your child about how to produce Systemic Success

Perceive IT MANIFEST IT ENDORSE YOUR Child’s Potential

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New Novel Release for Pre-Order!

October 4, 2021

Emblematic of a unique union, the meaning of Pathos and Eros derived themes grip all vital beings.

"When deep thinkers reach into their souls I hope they come up with some guts! Engaging in censorship to create harmony is not merely just a liberalized POV."

Find it here at: Sound of the Boundary

A contemporary urban novel having lovers meant for alternative futures, friends with benefits,

and the touch of realism purveyed with borderline disposition and naivete. A father will go to any lengths to protect his baby girl; even from herself, but just how deeply seeded is the poisonous resin tainting his Melon? In order to cauterize the seepage of stained existence in time, some friends will fall short of the mark, but others will take flight, capturing the signatures of profound meaning in life.

Find it here at: Sound of the Boundary

The Socialite & Metropolitan Thrall tells the story of a different oath.

"What we have done is ghettoize free speech. We say it can exist in this separate location, but it is not allowed to exist in the festival. We are engaging in censorship ''to create harmony,'' and that is more important than liberty, I guess, ''in this day and age'' when opposing censorship has become a ''liberal point of view.''


Most people on a new diet have no plan and are therefore met with self-sabotage when the diet fails. You, however, can use these reliable Keto resources to secure your plans and to make it a success. The 28-Day Keto Challenge is 100% risk-free... which means you could complete it TWICE and still get a full refund: Keto Diet Basics, Eating Well on Keto, Mastering Macros, Social Situations, Guilt-Free Desserts, Avocado Recipes, Keto Supplements Guide are all included when you... Find it here at The 28-Day Keto Challenge


Funny, I thought a liberal POV was an American one." ~Unknown

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