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Is part of the Essence of Life."

...It seems that we, as human beings, thrive off of the acquisition of information.  We have an endless aching need to gather more and more information and to broaden our scope of knowledge about provisions all the time.  It's the eternal plight of the morrow, and ideally information will never run out and we can use the quanta to have the perpetuation of reality for a "relative ever.”

Vedic texts inform us that there are charges to our existence.  In order for you to travel and have the privilege of attaining knowledge beyond a certain level one has to beseech higher spiritual powers.  Do you think that the Vedas are pointing to that which is of the organic collective involving the Gaian? 

Also what we consider to be spaces (mental space, breathing room, living space, outer space, etc.) are not merely concrete spaces, time, and material, but rather they are both concrete and conceptual.


This is an example of atomizing language.  It allows us to see and treat language as a primary source in producing firm functioning realities across our visual space and time continuum's.  Furthermore, these conceptual space and time continuum's, which we observe with our sight organs are consequences of all that we conceive within our minds.  Or is it within our hearts where the conception forms?  Perhaps these are the attributing causes of language or rather our need to "language" things. 


about sodINC.

SODInc is committed to producing qualitative data in education services and research in an effort to enhance quantitative ratio specs at the microcosmic level to effect macrocosmic change.  Studies show that systemic analysis that frame and reframe perspective taking can increase effective organizational direction and guidance in both formal and informal settings.  Improved communication, which is a life skill, as a result becomes a more focused and achievable goal and supports efforts towards enhancement ratio.  

Primary focus is: • Restoration of constructive interaction • Addressment of interactional crisis so that parties can not necessarily have an agreement, but closure so th...
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