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Down the Rabbit Hole in Whole New Way

Before the new movie comes out be absolutely prepped in all of the spellbinding tutelage of Alice in Wonderland. Unleash the depths of understanding and the transactional verbiage that has sparked spectacular admiration for and blissful devotion to the English vernacular for generations as presented by author Tuula Olin . Students and teachers alike are excited about the release of this in depth scope of the all-time favorite, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Particularly intriguing to this package is the release of the long lost missing chapter that Lewis Carroll wrote but never published. It’s entitled Wasp in a Wig with newly added illustrations! This is a 3-part special for half the original price; plus, a bonus coloring book and computer desktop wall papers. Don’t miss out on this special package offer. Make Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass a part of your legacy with this most unique purchase.

With 101 Quotes from Alice in Wonderland unravel the clever tutelage of Down the Rabbit Hole in an entirely new way! Use the text as a chat pack. This is a great teacher resource: the most comprehensive Alice in Wonderland package ever and it is a "must-have" conversation piece with eloquently triumphant coaching wisdom and explanations.

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