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For home styling, gifts and occasions, and signature lines; Virtually Party with PartyLite!

Bring your favorite fragrances outdoors this summer with these outdoor garden incense spikes. Our set of 3 Garden Critters Incense Spikes are designed to be used with our incense sticks, or alternatively with tealights or votives. Simply place them into potted plants or flower beds. Featuring cute garden critter designs in three bold summer colours!

"When we work, we party." How cool is that! With PartyLite you can choose relaxing aroma therapy or you can spice it up with citronella, natural scents, or even romantic ambiances; such as designs from our opulence line or Tamboti fragrance and much more! Affordable signature scents with the fragrance of home. Host a party, win free gifts, and claim your signature scents that make home feel like your very own slice of paradise. Decorate, sample specialty foods, and get your meditative aroma’s awash in the air!

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