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I sought a solution, I got a resolve...

My roommate and I lived together for 3 months without any problems, but then she got a new boyfriend and he was disorganized. He would leave dirty laundry all over the apartment, piles of dishes, and bath tub scum almost daily. We both work and she goes to night school, so I would clean up every day and she thought nothing of it because she never had to see it. I felt uncomfortable talking to her about him and he would argue with me if I said something about his bad habits. Our lease was not up for another 9 months. So, I called this communication service at SODINCdirect.

They received a general summons and I took the liberty to have it backed by our Super at the apartment building. We met via web camera each of us from our phones. It really helped having a live person familiar with settling conflicts listen to the issues and moderate the communication. After about an hour, and with some heated discussion and debate, we were able to find a solution. I showed my roommate pictures of how the days and nights went at our apartment in her absence. She actually listened and for the first time I felt heard.

Her boyfriend moved out and now he only stays with us when she is home.

This session with support and guidance helped and I just wanted to share the news.

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