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"Partylite Parapet Events"

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

"PartyLite Parapet  Events" mean meeting new people, showing off beautiful candles, and sharing in the joy of an aroma therapy outlet, which considers "green initiatives."  With more than 162 ways to add fragrance to your life you can illuminate your home with candlelight. Delight the senses and add stunning ambiance with PartyLite Home Styling.

You can join the party too! It doesn't really seem like work either!  Instead, it's like providing an open invitation to a social occasion that focuses on essentials; in the office, at home, and even in the classroom. 

Moreover, your participation means indirectly contributing to the reduction of land erosion; because your candles and essentials can be shipped right to your door, fuel emissions; because most of our products are recyclable, up-cyclable, or reusable, and harmful toxins in the air; because our candles burn completely leaving behind no trace chemicals. 

FOR A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE; Our exclusive wax formula liquefies to create a pool of lustrous splendor!

Fragrance Intensity Control for Every Occasion

Warm, No Fragrance

Neutralize Odors

Simple & Light

Powerful & Bold

Sophisticated & Elevated

Find it here at:

Host a party or join the party! Online or in-person, our You-Based Business approach is designed to fit with your lifestyle. A few hours a week or a full time gig, it's your choice.

All economic backgrounds have options to invest in and enjoy products that aide in the promise of a healthier environment for the future.

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