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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Are you interested in a Powerful Solution to Empower your Game or the game of someone close to you? This training system will improve your assertiveness on the court as soon as you commit to building your skills with these drills!


Shadow Player is a one of a kind skill builder for improving your game!

  • 5 drill towers

  • +1 additional drill tower

  • Training system development media

  • Carry-on bag for simple/complex set training

Achieving the mystique of "power on the court" starts now. If you need improvement with certain handling of the basketball abilities, kinesthetic knowledge in dexterity, and personal characteristic tactical enhancement, this can be your most resourceful investment yet. Shadow Player explicitly supports harnessing coordination, flexibility, and moves---it articulates the criteria required to meet achievable standards that will assist you with evaluating your variety and range of "power on the courts" measures in incremental intervals.


Feedback from youth players, coaches and trainers has been outstanding …

“We have been using the Shadow Player Training System in our youth clinics and camps and at our individual skill development sessions. The Shadow Player Drill Towers are wonderful and can be easily used in many different ways to develop player skills on the court. The Drill Towers add efficiency to our clinics and camps because of the easy set-up and breakdown. Plus, the custom carrying bag is great for our needed portability between multiple gym locations.”

—Joe Haefner

Breakthrough Basketball

Form a strong "fundamentals foundation," which will in turn, help team members to become better basketball players!

Style choice is a major influence on coordination, flexibility, and tactics ---Let Shadow Player uses Video Exclusive Media Technology to help you with building rapid skills with the Drill Player Development System.

Let us know us know about your success with this Whopping Value Personal Skill Drill Development---A Powerful Solution to Empower your game!

Spiral your competing style up to SUCCESS with Shadow Player!

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