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Reason in Nature
Discussion of Despotism

With me he will discuss despotism and new-age-related thoughts on his mind

Yet, subversion of the ode he does not

Same sick sad story of love forgotten

And I know that to be addressed with reverie

Is my daydream unshared

Who the f ü k cares

In words they love it

Or else the picture does it

In truth you’re calling only to your self

Yet the teaching is "don’t be selfish!"

But why?

You’ll receive more love from shellfish

He likes to see my pain he’ll embrace me

Try to get too close and be erased

From his memory

He will stop responding

Interest corresponding to another place

His eyes gaze to another face

And it incites a feeling other than madness

I’m happy he’s happy

This is the human trial

He told me the most pivotal thoughts worth my while

You made me smile

So, I stay in the smile

I know your despotic thoughts

But who wants to spend time on these new-age-related quarks

When the former still has yet to be resolved

The foundation upon which you create yield

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