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Set the Chemistry Ablaze!

     Do you wish to increase the frequency at which you hear "yes" in response to your requests and desires in relationships? You might think that it is impossible, but no matter who you are, and it's not about your looks; you can turn his heart and guide his passions to you! With the Amy North System there will be no more cold and distant responses. Make him experience a deadly cocktail of addictive love and desire for you in a way that will make your heart melt like ice cream. Set the chemistry between you ablaze! It is a psychologically designed system to make him obsess over you, crave you, and love you like he’s never been in love before.


Her vision blurred as the tears streamed down her cheeks... and she felt her knees weaken and stomach lurch... leaving her to doubt whether she’d ever find someone to love her the way Mark did.

And as she sat there, feeling more alone than she had in her life… Staring blankly at her broken phone… She remembered the weird type of text message her friend had told her about... the one that claimed to make any man feel a deep burning obsession for whoever sent it...

She’d thought it was ridiculous at the time... But typed it in and sent it off anyway, with no real expectation that she’d ever hear back from him...

And almost immediately… he messaged her that one word:


And as she stared at that one word, wondering how she should respond, the phone started ringing in her hands… It was him…

It was weird to see his name came up like that… He NEVER called her…

When she answered, she’d barely said ‘hello’ when he blurted out: “Sarah, I need to see you. Can we please talk?”

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Help him change his focus so that you are the essential part

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Modish and focused appeal; be the center of his attention. Find out how here at: Set the Chemistry Ablaze!

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