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Sound of the Boundary

New Novel Release for Pre-Order!

October 4, 2021

Emblematic of a unique union, the meaning of Pathos and Eros derived themes grip all vital beings.

"When deep thinkers reach into their souls I hope they come up with some guts! Engaging in censorship to create harmony is not merely just a liberalized POV."

Find it here at: Sound of the Boundary

A contemporary urban novel having lovers meant for alternative futures, friends with benefits,

and the touch of realism purveyed with borderline disposition and naivete. A father will go to any lengths to protect his baby girl; even from herself, but just how deeply seeded is the poisonous resin tainting his Melon? In order to cauterize the seepage of stained existence in time, some friends will fall short of the mark, but others will take flight, capturing the signatures of profound meaning in life.

Find it here at: Sound of the Boundary

The Socialite & Metropolitan Thrall tells the story of a different oath.

"What we have done is ghettoize free speech. We say it can exist in this separate location, but it is not allowed to exist in the festival. We are engaging in censorship ''to create harmony,'' and that is more important than liberty, I guess, ''in this day and age'' when opposing censorship has become a ''liberal point of view.''


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Funny, I thought a liberal POV was an American one." ~Unknown

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