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the conscious collective!

Tune into the conscious collective! Now, mentalism effects and magic seamlessly blend when you find your interests here at: the conscious collective!

Maybe you've always desired to perform magic that baffles and astounds!

You can impress anyone with these hypnotic effects that make the mind bend like spoons in the Matrix. You can learn how to perform a mental card read or even the sacred practice of hypnosis.

This program provides mastery level magic trick training like you've only dreamed possible, and could only begin to fathom. Satiate your mentalism fascination with trade secrets that go beyond YouTube and other web site magic propaganda.

Learn to mesmerize, thrill, and stimulate the imagination anew, and at lightening speed. In less than 30 days you can ...

Instantly learn the “insider” techniques behind Criss Angel, Derren Brown, David Blaine and David Copperfield (just to name a few) – super-popular stuff that will give you smoking “audience appeal” right off the bat!

Master the life altering work of mentalism.

Discount expires soon-Originally $47 (Now $4.95)

See brutal exposes and almost 500 card tricks exposed when you find it here at: the conscious collective!


Impress your family

Astonish your friends

Make new friends

Meet a new lover (people are drawn to mentalists and magicians just like they are to Rock stars)

Become respected

Become more confident and feel more alive

Be popular and the star of the party

It's all possible with your new found ability to perform mentalism and magic.

This stuff really can change your life!

Find it here at: the conscious collective!

$4.95 for a limited time only!!!

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