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Whimsical Décor, Gifts and More!

When we work, we party." How cool is that! With PartyLite you can choose relaxing aroma therapy or you can spice it up with citronella, natural scents, or even romantic ambiances such as; designs from our Aroma Pure and After Dark Lines, Swarovski® Crystals, or Seasonal Fragrance! Decorate, sample specialty foods, and get your meditative tang’s awash in the air! 🌱🍋🍸 #PartyLiteVibe

Cute and cuddly collectibles are here to keep with our Nature's Wonders range. This adorable arctic fox and her kit are perfect for winter in white porcelain. This tealight candle holder comes with its own romance card. Will you collect the full set? Includes romance card and giftable packaging. 13 cm h, 12 cm w. 5 ¼" h, 4 ¾" w.

Light is the manifestation of energy detected; not speculated, but calculated.

Arctic Fox & Kit

SKU: P93334
Shipping $8.50: Arctic
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