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Head & Pockets in the Game!

     Everyday, people somewhere in the world get richer for having an opinion. However, finding out exactly who wants your opinion in exchange for $$$ can be sort of a misnomer. Yet again, if you are reading this article that may no longer be the case. Are you a gamer? If your answer is "yes," you can get paid for your opinion too! Market research firms and companies need video game testers, beta testers, and even survey takers to improve their marketing innovations. You can assist these companies with forecasting likely positions and anticipation in the gaming world. Find it here at : Head & Pockets in the Game!

This interesting insider tid bit could teach you how to turn video time into paid time.

Underwraps paid vidoe gaming expose!

Video game companies value your opinions, and will reward you for sharing them.  Make money playing games and taking surveys.

That's right you can get paid for doing something you love! These companies don't want to support incompatibilities and negative gaming effects becoming legitimate; your gaming efforts will assist them in making better executed moves and will enhance company endorsement power based on results that you submit.

Get your head and pockets into the game at the same time!

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